Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Happy Christmas Season to all!

Silverwalk is a small, private, licensed dog sanctuary in Cape Girardeau County, MO. It specializes in Beagles, other hounds, and senior, special needs dogs. There are always dogs needing adoption and sponsorship. Please see our website for more information about Silverwalk and our dogs needing homes.

I say "Christmas season" intentionally. Please click this link for a theological and historical look at Christmas: The Christmas Season

Happy Christmas to the friends/adopters/supporters of Silverwalk Hounds Dog Sanctuary and homeless animals everywhere. First, thank you so much for supporting us in prayer, gifts, labor and love this past year - all has been greatly appreciated! Second, let me catch you up on some of our dogs so you know what is happening and then I will let you know some plans for the New Year!

Attention! Shiloh will be featured as a found dog via on KFVS 12 on Friday 12/26 on either the 5, 6 or 10 pm newscasts. Shiloh is becoming the Silverwalk mascot as he is the one who brought in Tri-Sigma and other women students from SEMO university!

Five Silverwalk dogs were adopted out:
Lilah (foster for Marion, AR) now w/3 other dogs,
Rosie learning new ropes,
Clarence NKA Rusty w/new pal Baby,
Millie (to replace Shiloh the fence jumper), & Muggle plus 3 courtesy posts, one of whom would have been a Silverwalk dog but was adopted before he got here! Ginger and Fred went to a Beagle rescue in Maine and have since both been adopted, too.

Former adopters and friends plus others helped w/whopping finances for our senior dogs this year, particularly Sweetie Pie from Jefferson County AC near St. Louis. She had such an intense infestation of heart worms, I wasn't sure she would make it. She also has a hernia in such a place they thought she was a boy dog! Jen corrected them on that, then met me at Perryville for the switch. Sweetie is doing very well now, awaiting her 6 month check after her HW treatment, then hopefully will do her hernia and spay, if necessary (she has not cycled here yet so keep all paws crossed!). Sweetie is down to 2 meds/day from 4! She needs a home w/a lap - is an excellent dog for a homebound senior person. Another senior benefiting is Oxford, a wonderful Beagle boy from Marion, AR w/chronic skin yeast infection. He needs frequent meds of ketoconazol plus twice weekly baths. He doesn't like his baths but NOTHING stops his tail from wagging. Mimi from NW AR needs Adequan shots and daily pain meds for her arthritis - but boy, does she still walk pulling w/her front legs.

I failed Foster 201 after fostering Spanky for the Humane Society of Southeast MO and Pit Bull Rescue. She was one of 9 dogs tied out to trees and left to starve/dehydrate. She made sure her rescuers got her puppies (3 6 month olds), then had to be carried the last 50 feet herself. They didn't think she would make it but within a month and a half, she went from 28# to 58#! Amazing what some groceries and love can do. I have never had a Pittie before, though I had walked many for the Humane Society as a volunteer. She is a hoot, is young and playful, and very, very smart. I am convinced she was a pet in a former home.

Silverwalk is at a high of 18 dogs this December - 12 of whom need homes & sponsorship. I don't yet have Ladybird on the site; she is the latest foster from Marion, AR; the others are Oxford AKA Oscar and Scout.

Silverwalk also welcomed more volunteers & supplies than ever before - several women students at SEMO are dedicated to coming out to walk, brush and love dogs once to twice a week; I have also heard from another person who wants to help out and a neighbor family has come down some Saturday mornings. We received supplies like shampoo (Oxford says "what!!!"), etc. from an unexpected source. Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary helps w/food and advice as well as much support. As a Safe Harbor board member, I learn something every week if not every day, especially in maintaining my compassion and commitment to remaining a no kill sanctuary, no matter the work, the cost or the numbers. I have a standing Friday late afternoon "date" with two friends, who are a couple, to visit and help one another in our rescue/foster situations; we also allow each to decompress from our work, week and rescue concerns.

Plans for the new year, most depending on finances, include
  • expanding the breezeway to accommodate the growing number of dogs;
  • adjusting fencing for smaller and larger dogs;
  • pursuing the 501c3 status or affiliating w/another 501c3 organization.
  • I do not plan to continue this high number of dogs as they do not get the attn or work they need in my opinion but those who are here are here till adopted or death do us part - I will continue to honor the mission on which Silverwalk was founded and for which I feel passionate.
  • Silverwalk will cont. to cooperate with & support local and regional rescues/shelters/individuals in re-homing, fostering, education and transporting dogs/cats/pets as able and available. I have another FT job beside Silverwalk so sometimes am restricted :).
  • Silverwalk will continue to be very grateful and appreciative of our adopters and supporters not only for what they do for the dogs but for the blessings they bring to me and us by their presence in our lives. This is a benefit I did not expect when I got into rescue but in which I rejoice!
Silverwalk has been much blessed this year. Yes, this is a lot of dogs to care for but the joy I and others receive from them is worth every bit of "labor" they ask of us. Let us all remember, on that first Christmas morning, it was the animals in the stable who first gathered around the Holy Family and the baby Jesus, keeping Him warm and worshiping Him in their own ways. God knows when a sparrow falls; He knows who cares for and helps those in need, animal and human.

God bless you all this season and during the new year and again, thank you,
Roberta "Bobbie" Beach

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