Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Inauguration seems to be appropriate for this upcoming year and this new blog. I have wanted to be able to update my adopters/friends/sponsors on the stuff going on at Silverwalk for sometime. I hope to update this at least every other week, sometimes more often.

First, some updates:
1) Muggle has found a wonderful home w/a loving family in East Prairie, MO. She is doing well and they are very pleased. I am promised many photos and will share as I get them.

2) I have a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees cross some family is missing. She was found in central MO and brought to Silverwalk. Her name is Rosebud. She is listed under adoptables on my Petfinder site, silverwalk.petfinder.com. Please take a look at her, especially if you like large, gentle giants. Rosebud LOVES to walk!

3) Have several Beagles in the
wings awaiting transport/vetting/sponsorship. As soon as they are here, I will be posting them on Petfinder, 1-800-Save-a-Pet and Pet Harbor.

We finally are getting sunshine w/our rain. It is so lovely this night nurse is having trouble sleeping for wanting to be outside in the sun! Please cont.to pray our rivers don't rise and flood in June after the northern snow pack melt!

Feel free to contact me w/questions or suggestions about dogs, life, anything! I would love to hear from you. Prayer requests are welcome as well no matter what your faith is or is not.

Bobbie @ Silverwalk