Sunday, January 11, 2009


Silverwalk is a small, private, licensed dog sanctuary in Cape Girardeau County, MO. It specializes in Beagles, other hounds, and senior, special needs dogs. There are always dogs needing adoption and sponsorship. Please see our website for more information about Silverwalk and our dogs needing homes.

One of the special aspects of rescuing here in Southeast MO is the cooperation and sharing we small rescues do between ourselves and accept from others, trying to give back as able.

Today, Debi and Robyn from Recycling Rover brought down tons of great stuff no longer needed by Purina in St. Louis. Stainless steel bowls of different sizes and shapes, crates!, shoe covers, and more as well as their good will. Marilyn Olson Neville,, had spent two days in this area dividing up donations from Julie Griney and her groups to also share with the area rescues. Not only did Debi, Robyn, Julie, Purina,and Marilyn give of their time & resources now and in the past; Marilyn also helps us train our rescue dogs gratis as part of her dedication to rescue and animal welfare. Debi and Robyn are able to help re-home many of our younger dogs in the metro area where homes are more plentiful.

None of us receive multi-thousand dollar donations. We are happy w/second hand items and the friendship that comes along sharing with each other! On my way home with my "haul" for Silverwalk and Safe Harbor, I was able to give a neighbor who had found Clarence, the Beagle, a couple dog bowls for their dogs. Clarence, NKA Rusty, is in an awesome home which would not have happened had they not brought him to Silverwalk....his story is on the Adopted/RIP listing on Silverwalk Hounds.

So, this evening my heart is full of gratitude to those willing to share, making me feel very humble and more determined than ever to look at the larger picture of rescue beyond my small part.

Roberta "Bobbie" Beach

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  1. I wish for every dog to have a loving forever home!

    Come join our Happy Tails Beagle List, there's a link on my blog.