Monday, February 7, 2011



As a night worker and person who really doesn't get moving well till early afternoon, this Peanuts cartoon hits the spot.  I had a very stressful, minimal sleep weekend - no fault but my own.  When I saw this, I thought, OMGosh, someone understands besides my very good friends!

Have heard from Jedi's mom - he is doing well in his home.  Had the camera been immediately at hand, she would have a photo of the aged Grand Dame Airedale resting her head along Jed's back in the kitchen.  All together - "Awwww....."
Hoss asleep in my lap

Hoss is improving - I need the cold to cont. as it brings him in the house.  I am ignoring his very blatant attention seeking BARRROOOOS! and just move on, petting and loving on him after he settles.  The other evening, he couldn't find a couch with any occupants accepting of his joining them.  After I was just asleep in the recliner, here he comes, all 75# of grown Redbone Coonhound.  A thousand words - my foot went numb under his butt. 

Stella and Cyrano Beagles are here.  I am not exactly sure of what their home was like except it was so bad, an intervention was needed.  I am told they may not be long for this world :(.
Stella (L) and Cyrano Beagles
Stella went to vet this morning (surprise to vet on a snowy Monday morning) as she had mucoid bloody stool yesterday.  We are hoping it is the transition and multiple changes leading to a bit of colitis.  Got meds - will give.  Cyrano has had some vomiting but no blood.  Both have horrible teeth.  Both are very sweet.  Took some time to work their way into the pack.  I am thinking Cyrano has some vision loss or limitation simply from observation.  He is very sensitive as well to the inadvertent bumps which happen in this house.  Both are wagging tails.  Yesterday, Cyrano hung around Sheila - whatever his eyesight, he knows a pretty girl when he sees one or maybe smells one :).

If the board votes in the best interest of dogs and men, IMHO, hopefully Silverwalk and Safe Harbor will become part of the Prison Pups Program in Charleston.  One board member calculated at the current rate of dogs going through the program, 20 trained, CGC titled dogs could be adopted each year - and the program is hoping to expand!  A real win-win in my book.

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royalcoonhounds said...

I love Hoss asleep in your lap! My two aren't lap dogs and sometimes I think it'd be fun if one of them wanted to cuddle. But based on their sleeping habits...I think they have both read that Peanuts comic!