Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Journey - Dogs and Us

 I have no real intention of doing agility; sometimes we do it here at Silverwalk ad lib.  The intent of this video, "The Journey," (posted below) is encouragement to us all to enjoy the journey we are on as dog owners, trainers, rescuers, transporters, volunteers -lovers of canines....we meet people, dogs and learn new/old lessons every day.  Let us celebrate this wondrous gift of dog we have been given - because this gift includes other people as well. 

I am seeing this right now.  I was able to accept an aging Coonhound from a north IL shelter whose ACO does whatever he can to save his dogs.  Doc had another rescue step up as well as an adopter; both fell through.  When Tess got back to me, she was so happy I now felt, with Doc continuing to be placed on my radar so to speak, it was a sign he was to be here at Silverwalk.  She had thought so all along and had told Joe, the ACO, the same.  I put out a call for transport help and wow, there are now 3 pilots and a driver on board working out logistics to get Doc here to sanctuary. 

Earlier this week, I had said yes to a plea during an IM discussion with an email very good friend to offer sanctuary to two Beagles whose time was limited - this so often happens: all one needs to do is say "yes;" their local Beagle rescue did step up and rescue them - YESH.  This is too often to be serendipitous  - God wants us to say "yes" and She then works things out best for the dog(s) and us.

Collaboration is crucial to saving the dogs who we are being led to rescue; I have no time for negativity, for saying "it's never been done before," "it won't work here," "what if?" What if?  What if Betty Saul and her husband had said, 15 years ago, naw, Petfinder won't work; what if I didn't collaborate with my local shelters and other rescues: Dino would not be in lockstep with his new owner; what if I quit as at least one person wishes I would do - what would happen to many hounds, Beagles and senior dogs: Jedi may not have found his wonderful home - those I focus on?  What if WE SUCCEED, as Nathan Winograd hand-wrote in my copy of Redemption?  WOW.  

A Beagle/Coonhound support group in WI once asked on Facebook - are you a dog owner or guardian?  My reply was I am a dog owner - because that designation confers legal responsibility for the care, training and well-being of my dogs BUT I am also Mom - because mom equals love :).   I am the responsible caretaker for my adoptable rescue dogs if not entirely their owner - and I am still their mom till their real mom and dad find them.

Another thing I really like about this video is an emphasis on taking ourselves less seriously, letting the imposed negativism of others roll off because we know we are on a God journey - He just happens to use dogs to help us.   Enjoy your life and dog journey - I hope this video and message helps you...and your dogs.



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Kristine said...

I love this video. I have watched it a few times now as Susan Garrett is someone I have always looked up to. Not just as an agility superstar but as the kind of trainer I would love to be one day. Everything she does, she does for the benefit of her dogs. She is constantly striving to be a better owner and human being. That is something I really respect. Thanks for sharing it here.

Thanks for getting it and for doing all you do.