Sunday, February 27, 2011

Match and Gate

Hoss has met his match.  My friend, Susan, has taken him on as a project dog for CGC.  Thank you, God, she laughed when presented with Mr. Baymouth.  I was impressed that Bill Busch, someone who knows something about hounds and properly built dogs, thought Hoss was an exceptional specimen of a Redbone.  Off they went to class on Saturday where they did a lot of walking.  Apparently, Hoss was most interested in the other dogs, not even hot dogs!  They finally were able to participate a bit at the end.  Susan plans to come back on Wednesday to have another go with Hoss in a second class.  This will be so good for him as I know he misses the close attention he had from his family. 

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Extra Tall & Wide
I now have the mother of all baby dog gates.  I decided I really needed to have some space to myself on occasion without having to go up in my room upstairs or at the other end of the house.  Petco was closed.  Target had this Munchkin brand Easy Close Metal Extra Tall & Wide that could be placed by pressure or with hardware.  The doorway I now have it in is only needed one extension plus, when Hoss goes through it (closed) someday, I don't want nails ripped from the wall.  Thus, I have it set up very tight with pressure, the walk through is awesome, the bars are straight so small dogs like, ahem, Queenie and Annie should not be able to get a toe up to jump over.  I am not holding my breath :).  It is a full 3 ft. high; with all extensions, it can reach 51" wide.   There was a very similar one with the gate itself in wood, very pretty, "the Deco."  I erred on the side of all metal, removing the temptation to chew - HA, take that, you varmints! 

Caveat emptor - it has not truly yet been tested @ Silverwalk so jury is still out but I am so far very impressed and like not having to undo and replace each time I want to go through. 

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Woof Connections said...

HA! I am dying to see if this works. I need one for Percy (special needs guy) to keep him from darting out the back door everytime I open it- lol. Please let me know what you think. My mom has one and loves it. How much did they charge? I have seen such a variety of prices on these things. The tallest one I can find is 42 inches but I'm thinking if the one you bought is cheap enough it's worth a try to get it locally. Good for you- enjoy your freedom :)

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Allie - here is a quote from my friend Natalie who adopted Betsy:
"I have that gate you got and it is wonderful! No dogs have gone thru it nor have kids without opening it first! As a bonus it is unclimbable with the vertical bars!!!yay!"
Good news :)!

royalcoonhounds said...

Oh My! I hope Hoss has fun at his classes! Maybe if he comes home tired he'll bay less?! (well, you can always dream anyway)

Kristine said...

Go team Hoss! How exciting will it be when he earns his CGC? Party time! Your friend is very brave. ;-)

Buying our dog gate was an awesome decision. I didn't think ours would be up for this long but I am reluctant now to take it down. It gives the cat his space - sometimes he uses it as a way to sneak-attack unfortunately - and it gives me my space to get dressed in peace. We let the dog downstairs on occasion, but I like having that level of control.

Good luck! I hope it works out. Lots of pets - or cookies or whatever his preferred reward is - to Hoss!

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

@royalcoonhounds - if so, I will need to change his nickname from Baymouth to Bayless :).
@Kristine - yes, I spoil my pack too much and need to take space and time back more in the house - sigh.
@allie - the gate cost me about $76 - well worth the money.