Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Now Let us Praise Old Dogs"

"The Bark's" feature tor this month warms my heart - in praise of old dogs.  So many want puppies - to raise with their families, to make more money for their shelter cause puppies are quickly adopted (hopefully) and darn it, they are CUTE.  Old dogs?  Cranky, arthritic, dry fur, been around the block, house trained, tolerant of bizarre human and other animal behavior, grateful for a new, very good home.  To quote the MasterCard commercial, older dogs are PRICELESS.  Silverwalk does not have much of a cash flow because it celebrates and loves old dogs, particularly old hounds....I find it amusing that the last two dogs I personally adopted, though, were puppies when they came to they grew, I could not let them go.  So, I am just like everyone else.  My dear friend Judy H., may she rest in peace, told adopters that when their adopted old dog died, they had the pick of any other old dogs in perpetuity....She made no excused for old dogs - they deserve loving just as anyone else.  Health is never guaranteed in a dog of any age.  So, here are some old dogs at Silverwalk past and present;
Harry and his Wubba

Victor - I love yellow labs







Happy Jack

Betty Boop

Allie Mae

Stella and Cyrano


Louie - my heart dog

Annie aka "Bossy Aussie"




I know I have missed some but let us celebrate old dogs for the loyalty, love and warmth they bring to our lives. 

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royalcoonhounds said...

Harry was such a handsome dog! I try to tell anyone I know considering a dog that adopting an adult dog is always better than a puppy! I know adult and senior are a bit different. Seniors are hard, you don't get to love them very long and it does take a special person to take them in.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Harry was a hoot. He came from GA to be saved from being shot by owner's ex-husband. He was obsessed with his Wubbas. When he got a new one, he would go in a corner and make obscene noises breaking it in. He came in the house coughing one day. Up on the couch, he looked me in the eye - "not a normal cough, mom." Platelets were 2. We euthanized him late that night after doing everything we could; vet said he looked terrified as his lungs filled with blood. So, so sad. Broke the heart of another friend of mine, too, who had a new Wubba in his office for Harry. They are such blessings and do break our hearts but I keep bringing them in :). I also prefer adults and the elderly in my nursing practice.