Monday, February 21, 2011

Past, Present and Future

I've had some nice follow-up with adopted dogs recently.  While at a Petco adoption day a couple weeks ago, the couple who adopted Squeak, a small Dachshund mix puppy, came up to tell me he was doing well.  He house trained easily, is a big (well, not so big) house dog and is more attached to dad than mom, even though she feeds him.   They were thrilled with him and thus, so am I. 

Jedi TreeWalker
Stopped by a friend's to drop off a bale of straw for her yard.  They had adopted Jedi TreeWalker.  He looks fabulous - he has put on weight (which he needed), is adjusting to a smaller home and yard, he "obeys" the Grand Dame Airedale who has let him into her home.  What was really sweet was I had come after a Petco adoption afternoon (yet again) with Lady Bug.  We brought LB into the house and Winnie the Airedale checked her over.  As we were concluding our visit, it was apparent Winnie was trying to play with Lady Bug :).  YESH. 

Hoss can't go to prison - he is too large for the prison program but he may have a volunteer willing to work with him.  He needs more one on one direction than I can consistently give him.  I have a Coonhound contact I will call for more advice once I find his number.

My friend who runs a pups for prison program came out to assess and choose which dogs would qualify not only for the program but be matches for her handlers.  She made it clear she matches dogs to handlers by what the dog needs and what the handlers can do.  There are five here at Silverwalk who tentatively qualify - my hope is Monk and Queenie will be able to go first.  If not, I see no option for Monk than to live his life out here - which is fine but he deserves more.   Paradoxical as it may sound, prison may be his best chance. 

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Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Hello, we are really glad you got to meet up with some of the doggies you've adopted out :-) We hope things work out for the others too.

Muzzle has done some follow-up visits for dogs rehomed by Oldies Club and she loves to see them in their new homes, loved by their new families.