Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Showing Mercy

Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?

~ Pierre Troubetzkoy

I have read Reverence for Life by Albert Schweitzer.  While I still kill bugs, I do apologize to them as I do so, reminding them I am not Dr. Schweitzer.  I carefully recycle which is often why my house is crowded since I don't get to the recycling center often enough.  I avoid plastic bags but when I forget, I don't sweat it as I will use them for recycling later - and for shoe covers as I poop scoop the yards and field.  I have days when I intentionally, or not, don't leave Silverwalk Hermitage by car, thus saving gas and oil.  Instead of buying plastic bags to line my kitchen trash can, I use dog food bags.  There is a trick to this - after seeing multiple noses at the trash when I first put a dog food bag in it, I now spray the inside with Linen Scent from Febreze; takes away the dog food smell.  A friend gave me a couple cans of this wonderful stuff before my last license inspection.  I love the scent of cotton and fresh linen - frankly, keeping fresh linen on the couches here is a challenge, particularly when it is raining like yesterday, "fresh" being the key word :).  I limit using Frontline Plus on my dogs except for 4 times a year, choosing instead to give them Bug Off Garlic daily from Springtime, Inc. as well as Diatomaceous Earth from Busch Pet Products - DE helps keep intestinal parasites to a minimum plus enhances food absorption.  This takes just a few minutes of added time during one meal daily for me - I feed twice a day.  HOWEVER, each dog this week is getting Frontlined as Hoss showed up with a tick in January!  I know everyone is ready for spring but for our area, it has been a warm winter and bugs have not died off (sorry).  
The BEST "thing" I recycle, the most complete means I show mercy to "that under" me are the adoptable dogs here at Silverwalk Hounds, Dino and Jedi being the latest.  This past Monday, Stella and Cyrano joined Silverwalk, rescued from a very bad situation in the St. Louis area and with limited life span expectations - we will see what God has planned for these two senior Beagles.
I am currently reading Redemption by Nathan J. Winograd.  It will change you so be ready.  How are you showing reverence and mercy for that which is under you today?  Share with us - we can all learn from one another.   

Showing mercy to me - Farrah

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