Friday, March 4, 2011

An Award and Anguish

" I had rather a fool make me merry, than experience make me sad ". ~ Wilf the PON via Angus in France Profunde. 

Royal Coonhounds has granted us an award given her by Georgia Little Pea @ Little Dogs on Long Leashes.  I am astounded, grateful and thinking furiously of our 7 secrets to share plus the blogs to whom to forward this award.

Right now, my heart and soul are with Wilf, Angus and the "font" in France.  In the last 24 hours, Wilf has gone completely blind.  If you don't follow their blog, you should and it is one to which I will forward my Stylish Blogger Award.  I cannot imagine the pain this family is going through watching Wilf decline - and yet, love springs eternal in Wilf for Kelleeee.  Diabetes is not a disease I would wish on anyone - nor is cancer.  The cancer I was able to overcome (but not myself alone - God forbid) though with residual losses, not unlike St. Paul's thorn but the other I have avoided.  I did have two cats who developed diabetes.  Anna Louise was first diagnosed, treated with insulin and diet but Squash went undetected till he began to develop neuropathy.  The day this most pristine male cat was no longer able to keep himself clean by soiling outside the litter box on himself and the floor, was the beginning of the end for him.  He had always been fanatical about being clean and using his box properly.  I could not bear to see him in distress because his legs would no longer cooperate with his frequent needs.  I miss them both.  I keep Wilf close to my heart and in my prayers every day.  

Thank you, Tracy, for enjoying us and hounds, and wanting to share us with others.  I commend you all to keep Wilf in your prayers as well as his family.   One blog many I enjoy and learn from and laugh with :).  The weekend cometh....

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