Monday, March 7, 2011

Blogging with Style

Drum roll, please!  I really, really like Royalty Living a Regular Life by Tracy.  Thank you, again, for the Stylish Blogger Award.

There are requirements to fulfill in receiving this award, I have found: 
  • Thank the person who gave it to you - that would be Tracy and her gorgeous and most entertaining Coonhounds, Bella and Daisy.  Thank you.
  • List seven things/secrets about you,  your dogs, whatever.  Here goes:
1. The one thing I can always rely on to surprise people who have met and not known me long but long enough to think they know me well is that I regularly raced autocross in MT with my Triumph Spitfire and Porsche 911 and would it again in a heartbeat .
2. Horses have been the driving animal passion in my life.  Dogs are great, rescue is challenging and rewarding, but horses soothe my soul.
3. I don't currently have a horse.   I do have 19 dogs in residence - and they daily bless my spirit. 
4. When I was 16 and attending the United Methodist Church, I asked our pastor if    Methodists had nuns, thinking I would become one.  They did and I did not.
5. Once, when visiting cousins, they all went to the MN Vikings football game, leaving me home with my aunt.  When I mentioned I liked football, too, she was shocked - "Bobbie, I see you always with your nose in a book!  I had no idea." True - I go nowhere without a book or two.
6. I have a running love affair with senior dogs like Cyrano, Betty Boop and Cane.
7. I cannot tell stories or jokes but most of my very good friends can.
  • I need to pass this award onto other bloggers.  Previous recipients have chosen more or less from 5-15, so here goes:
  1. Wilf the PON Discovers France - gently, beautifully written by Angus
  2. Rescued Insanity - Kristine is becoming a lynch pin in the dog blogging world.
  3. My Dog Farm - my fav animal photog, HSSEMO foster home and friend, Rochelle.
  4. Live with Flair - Heather uses everyday moments to show us God.
  5. Barnyard of the Tragically Hip - three times a week, a new look at life.
  6. Be More with Less - Courtney challenges me to live with less stuff, more life.
  7. Will My Dog Hate Me?  Edie helps me live sanely with my dogs - and laugh.
I now have the privilege of telling these blogs they have won :).   I may just make this a regular part of this blog - finding and recommending "new" (to me) blogs by following others' links and enjoying the blog hops.  Thanks again and read on.  Congratulations!

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Kristine said...

Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet.

And so cool. Autocross, really? I had no idea. Wow! What other secrets have you been keeping from the blog world?

shane rocket said...

LoVE ya!!!

Angus said...

Thanks so much for the award. It was very kind and thoughtful of you. We've never had anything like that before.