Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On another blog, I have posted for several days about Japan.  Now, I am turning and sharing with you, my dog blog friends and your friends.  Join the blog hop for Japan's animals, chip in to the Relief Fund (and yes, it really does go to the animals), then post, add your blog to the hop.  I feel so hopeless.  My concerns are miniscule compared to what the Japanese are facing.  What can I do??  I can support with my dollars, my prayers and the time it takes to write and ask for your support as well.  This time, I don't have images, though I have seen many.  I am amazed, yet not surprised, how compassionate people are being to one another, caring for each other first, then seeking relatives/friends; caring to find and rescue animals as well as people.  Please, CHIP IN.  Thank you.

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Kristine said...

It's tough, isn't it? That is the hardest thing to handle, the hopelessness of it all. We have no control over what happens, really.

I have no money to share, no knowledge of how to proceed, it's a pretty daunting task and all I can feel is guilt.

All I have to give is a bit of time. Is that enough?