Monday, March 14, 2011


Poker Face, Beagle puppy
This past week, Silverwalk saw an explosion in puppies - well, three but three is a lot for an adult/senior dog focused sanctuary!

"Poker Face," a Beagle puppy, was planned for; he will be going to CO Beagle Rescue.  Silverwalk is his temporary foster home.  What a little gem.  PF is about 5 months old, all vetted but needs next puppy shots and is already a lap dog.  Sigh.

See Sally
Look Jane
I then received a rather frantic call from a neighbor's sister - she had found two puppies in the trees near a dilapidated park at the edge of our area.  They were crying and followed her home, then down the road to Silverwalk.  PRECIOUS.  Black and white, they appear Basset mix, particularly Sally.  "Look Jane" and "See Sally" are maybe 2-4 months old - don't remember hearing an age guess from Monica.  Speaking of seeing the vet, we walked bounced in the door at LaCroix and wow, hearts melted, Facebook was opened for adding them, photos taken and lots, lots of loving on all parts.  They are healthy from initial exam but I am trying to keep them isolated to be sure for at least another week.  Today I was gone all day to IL picking up a senior Coonhound - another gem.  The girls were out in a front pen separate from the pack.  A friend stopped over after lunch to be sure all were well - and they were.  After I got home and put up the Coonie, Hickory Doc - with a gentle gray face to die for - I fed everyone.  The "girls" tend to like to bark and carry on a bit; I gave them some loving and put them up in their Great Dane crate for the night.  After feeding, I think they passed out from being so active while I was gone - haven't heard a peep.  Good girls!

First video of Poker Face - yes, he needs a better name.  Suggestions are welcome!

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royalcoonhounds said...

He is such a cutie! I am horrid at names (I picked Bella, then picked the dog, lol), but seeing him dance around the first thing I thought was "Iggy". Mostly because italian greyhounds are known for that little dance.