Thursday, March 3, 2011


Trained pigs who find truffles are similar to which?
  1.   Farrah pawing my leg for a pet.
  2.   Raindrops on the roof.
  3.   Danny Quinn searching for, finding and eating poop.
  4.   Roller Derby addiction. 
Danny Quinn on patrol

Answer:  #3!  If I see Quinnie very interested in something on the floor or in the yard, I grab a scoop or toilet paper because I know he has found some poop.  I have had him at least 4 years; he is no better than when I first emailed back his rescue to tell them he was a "poop-aholic."  Sigh.  At least I know where to go in my yard to start poop scooping.

Pigs flying will happen before:
  1. Hoss stops jumping the 4 ft fence
  2. Hoss stops being a personal heat pump on my lap on the recliner. 
  3. Hoss stops baying at anything and everything.
  4. All of the above.
Hoss in his home before coming to SW
Answer: #4!  I have/had 3 dogs who fit the heat pump mode: Spanky RIP, Hoss and Cane, though Cane climbs in the bed not the recliner.  Hoss came up again the other night.  Thank God I had turned off the electric blanket.  I still had to strip off my over-top and pull my legs out of the blanket to keep from burning up.  Once he is asleep, he is asleep!  Oh, and I think thanks to Susan working him several times a week, his baying is settling down some...jury still out.

Which reminds me:  I was gone for a bit the other day, left dogs behind the miracle gate and NO ONE JUMPED OVER even though two of the dogs could have with the other gate.  WooHoo.

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royalcoonhounds said...

Sometimes I wish one of my girls thought of themselves as lap dogs. but Daisy has a typical hound smell so sometimes I'm glad it isn't her! LOL Have you taken Sadie and Hoss on personally or they still with the Coonhound Rescue? I just noticed they weren't listed anymore online.

Also, I passed on a stylish blogger award to you. Feel free to use it or not, but it was my way of saying I enjoy reading about your hounds!