Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturdays are Tough

My usual current work schedule is Thursday and Saturday nights.  This makes Saturdays tough.  I don't sleep well on Fridays before going back to work; I now have a wonderful volunteer on Thursdays which impacts my pre-schedule sleep - she is SO worth it.   So, Saturdays can be tough energy wise for me as well as for the dogs.  Their days have been upset with the "new" though regular routine of work and limited time together outside, training and being able to well split up the pack for relaxation all round. 
Today was particularly rough for me as I crushed, not pinched, crushed the middle three fingers of my right/dominant hand in the garage door.  If you Google "crush injuries" you will understand my differentiation and no, I am not in danger of rhabdomyolysis.  I had planned to ride on a road trip with a friend, sleeping most of the way.  I could not even use my hand to open the dog food till four hours had passed, so I called and canceled :(.   My middle finger (the one, you know - HA) is still swollen with deep bruising and petechiae (broken capillary vessels) at the very top.  Typing now at eleven o'clock at night is tender :(.  The dogs still need supper, I have let the puppies out in and out of the house to make up for their extended confinement during the day while I slept with my hand propped up after holding it under cold water.  Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

On a lighter note, Friday afternoon I had forgotten the back gate was still closed.  I let the bigger dogs out in the back but the smalls and Cane out in the front.  After lunch, I went to look and man, did I wish I had a camera for video.  There was big grumpy Cane, Ala Mr. Wilson of Dennis the Menace fame, standing and looking at the puppies (3) and small, zippy Beagles zooming around and under him as they played in the front yard.  He was barking some but as color commentary.  The whole scene was a joy to watch, which is why I did not interrupt it to grab a camera.  I simply enjoyed the moment. 

Queenie & Hoss
Hoss is at the vet spa this weekend.  Thursday evening, as I was getting to my car to go to work, he joined me.  I work 12+ hours.  He slept the entire time!  I had a chance to go check on him at 0300 - sound asleep.  You know what they say about sleeping dogs - I quietly backed away.  On our way home, I dropped him off at the vet as #1, he had scraped himself up on Monday which, as I previously posted, I was treating but then #2, he was favoring the distal joint of his right front leg.  I saw some swelling; he didn't like me moving it.  Monica contacted me later suggesting to save $ on XRs as it looked like a soft tissue injury and if I was OK, they could keep him more quiet over the weekend than I.  This is one of the two Coon hounds American Black and Tan Coon hound Rescue apparently abandoned to me.  They had had them listed and then, de-listed them.  I only knew about it when a reader alerted me to the fact.  My inquiry has gone unanswered :(   Since they are/were fosters,  my vet knows them - and knows my situation with them and I love my vet :).  Therefore, Hoss is resting up, poor boy.  The car, BTW, was DRY.  This is some dog.  He really does like his people.

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