Monday, March 21, 2011

Updates on Newbies, Japan

Wow.  That blog hop on my previous post grew to 170 blogs before being closed.  Lots of help for the animals and their owners in Japan.  A disturbing entry on Facebook yesterday indicated imminent killing of multiple pets unable to be reunited with family.  Several readers followed up and it seemed not to be true - I hope.  How, in this relatively short time, can pets be reunited or saved with family who don't know where they are?  Reminds me of the debacle that happened after Katrina - dogs adopted out, then refused to be returned to owners who finally found them.  Not all, thank God - some adopters were extremely compassionate, knowing the situation of dog and family.

See Sally using her hound nose
The puppies are growing here at Silverwalk.  Sally went to the Home Show for the last hour on Sunday - was quite the hit.  She particularly liked children.  I took her to Panera afterward for my supper and a walk around the grounds.  Again, she headed for some children, did not jump up but sat after the children, very correctly, asked if they could pet her.  Good girl!  Both Jane and Sally keep their crate clean, only doing their business on potty pads or outdoors.  Wow. 

Hickory Dock - gentleman dog
Senior walker Coonhound, Hickory Dock, is awesome.  He likes to sleep outside in a crate lined with cedar chips and shavings.  He comes to me for petting and more likely, food, smelling so good.  So far, no accidents in the house.  He will be an wonderful pet for someone.  Does not dig or jump the fence.  

Twinkle Toes - yawning at the spring jonquils
Twinkle Toes fka Poker Face lost some of his lap time over the weekend so while I had breakfast this morning, he was napping in my lap - doesn't bother the computer at all.  He does not like puppy food but eats up his adult food - go figure.  He had a tennis ball the other day - went by several dogs making sure they saw his treasure, after which, of course, a chase ensued - just what he wanted :). 

There are enough homes out there for our dogs.  As rescuers, our challenge is to convince those people who may choose a pet store or breeder to choose us instead.  We need to make it so!

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