Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Hoss goes to the Movies, I finally remember the Toilet Paper & Hickory Dock steals my Heart

Hoss is not an easy dog to catch.  He is wily, smart and knows he can outmaneuver a  human - even injured.  He must have caught his leg on a fence wire going under or over on Monday.  He was abraded but today was the first time I saw an pulled open area on his foot.  I am giving him antibiotics, cleaning him out with H2O2 and spraying on triple antibiotic spray AND trying to keep him less active, which is how he ended up going to the movie theatre Tuesday evening while I went in to see "Paul."  He was out running around, wouldn't come in but is a sucker for an open car door, even if it is the hatch.

Okay - if you can put up with a lot of mild, stupid cursing including the F word AND you really like Lucas/Spielberg's Sci/Fi or Sci/Fantasy films (depending on how serious you are about your science), you should enjoy "Paul."  I am sure I missed a few of the jokes from the movies but some were just great - like walking into the bar while the band played the music from the bar in "Star Wars."  Shooting the communication device "boring conversation anyway."  "Paul" will win no awards and it shouldn't - but it made me laugh out loud several times.  Hoss did fine, even letting me stop at Schnuck's to finally get the toilet paper I had had on my list for a simple... 

Hickory Dock in his private quarters
Hickory Dock - I have new photos, he has made himself at home.  WHAT A GREAT DOG!  He is still intact though one would not know from his behavior - my vet did say he was a bit "small" for a dog his size if you know what I mean.   Blessing in disguise for me.  Dock just hangs out with everyone else, "kennels" with Cane (grumph, humph, grrr) for meals in the hallway (hey, it was his choice) and after starting out a wee bit peckish about his meals has done a 180 - FEED ME.  He runs up to me to be petted, bays along with everyone else at the traffic and hangs out in one of the front dog houses - too cute.  Be still my heart.  He is on Petfinder.  Do I care if he is ever adopted?  Heck, no!

Does anyone else notice I have my own "Dock Cane?"  I better tell Karen :).

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