Friday, April 8, 2011

Adopting Older Dogs

I have added a scroll from Petfinder of the dogs at Silverwalk in the widget area (currently to the right).  The need to get these dogs front and center to people who may be interested in them keeps coming home to me.  I love all the dogs here, even when they drive me crazy, but do need to find them homes.  Two of my own could have been adopted out several times over already!  HA.

When I talk to people about adopting older dogs, they often don't want to because they imagine they won't have the time with them as they would with a puppy.  They may be right and yet, I have know several people who have mourned the loss of a dog too young to die from cancer, from accident, from whatever.  No one, man or beast, knows the number of days we are alotted on this earth.

Oxford. adopted older dog

Connor - adopted older dog

Lady Bird - adopted older dog

Katey - adopted BLIND older dog

Bailey - adopted older dog

Happy Jack - adopted older dog

Mille and Katie - adopted older dogs

Jake - adopted older dog

Older dogs are obviously grateful for their new home.  They are often house trained, they put up with the supervised kids and grand-kids, they are ready to share their joy of life with you and yours.  I know puppy breath is hard to resist.  Yet, I urge you to consider adopting an older dog.  We are all aging - you are worth as much as an older person as a youngster is - though you may not have as many years left.  So is an older dog.  You will be blessed - I am and I want to share my blessing with you.

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Safe Harbor @ Silverwalk is a small division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Inc. in Jackson, MO, a licensed, 501c3 tax exempt sanctuary mostly for cats with some dogs and now Silverwalk. Silverwalk is in Cape Girardeau County, MO, specializing in Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs.


royalcoonhounds said...

I actually don't like puppies. I got both girls estimated at 3 and I think that is the youngest I want to ever go. I could see myself adopting a senior next!