Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jane, Sally and Flood

We in SE MO are not having the worst of the flooding by far but certainly are having more than our share.  I am now taking the very scenic "flood" route to get in town and back.  While I often keep my dogs in the back yard when I am gone, it is now almost mandatory as the field is now half a lake.  My neighbors in the truly flooded area all have their cars parked along the road, getting to and fro using a boat (resting outside my front field fence) and overland behind to a hilled neighbor's lane.  Said lane may or may not open tomorrow - we are closely monitoring developments. 

Look, Jane!
Look, Jane! was picked up by N. (whom I kept calling "Karen" for some reason) and her adopter, Kr., today at the very same time I stopped in for See Sally.  They both had had their spays in the morning, did well and were now ready for their separate homes.  Tissue, please!  I was sitting with Sally in my lap, she was whining and milking her pitiful state to the max.  Look Jane, who has always had the very sad hound dog look, walked over to us one last time, put her front paws on my knee and laid her head alongside Sally's soft and furry butt.  K. was so moved by how sad Jane looked and Sally sounded, she stared crying!  She and we blamed it on her pregnancy :). 

See Sally-now needs her home
I did give Jane time to leave - good girl, she peed out the door in the grass right on time and on leash.  But then, See Sally and I were forbidden to leave - the staff had been watching the weather channel.  This was about 4:00 or so this afternoon.  We did not leave till the weather and the tornadic potential had left as well :(.  The wind and rain with hail were astounding. 

Our prayers are with everyone in harm's way of this very unstable weather.   Please, seek shelter if worsening weather indicates it.  I made my home and outside pen available to co-workers and neighbors today should it be necessary.  I pray not - I pray the anticipated storms for this evening do not manifest.  I pray we are done with wet weather for awhile. 

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Daisy and Bella's Mom said...

Glad y'all are ok!

lcjp2007 said...

Sounds like crazy times. Glad to hear all is ok for you and yours. Stopped by to say hi on the Blog Hopping Party. I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the future.
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