Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look Jane, See Sally!

Look Jane!

See Sally!
The puppies are squabbling.  They make me laugh.  The girls are now almost 4 months old and need their second shots and spays.  They live in a lab crate with a divider since Sally eats faster and with more gusto than Jane.  They are partially housebroken in that when I let them out, Jane sprints for a pee pad and does her business while Jane heads for the water bowl.  I have learned (again) not to hurry puppies when they are outside to do their business.  Sally needs to pee twice.  Both need to search for the perfect spot to poop.  They need homes!  These are the girls who were found in the woods near Twin Trees Park.  My neighbors called me.  The puppies followed them to their home, then up the road to my front door.  I am sure they are from the same litter but they are built differently.  Jane is a lanky, taller, hound mix pup while Sally is shorter with Basset like legs.  Jane is white on black very soft fur; Sally is black on white.  They play well with everyone including Justus and especially Queenie and Twinkle Toes.  When I was gone, I boarded them at Busch's Kennel so my caregiver would not worry about them and they would get some very good socialization.   Sometimes, the zooming and playing can get intense.  I see the look on some of the senior dogs - "Mom, save us!"  I do - I either separate them all or put the girls back in their crate.   Who needs a well started puppy?   Oh, and when they want to rest, they sleep very well and toasty on your lap. 


The photos are using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.  The flash gives them a green hue from which I tried to make them more "normal" yet a bit artsy.  The video is from my digital camera.  I am attending a digital camera class at the library next week - none too soon!

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Bella and Daisy said...

I watched the video thinking "oh Sally is the cuter one, no wait, I think Jane is, but maybe not..." I think my ultimate conclusion is I couldn't choose! They're both stinkin' cute!