Friday, April 15, 2011

More Hoss

Hoss at rest on my lap
Hoss is a mess - delightfully so; well, sort of.   After chasing him down, finally catching him inside the fence with the threat of a lasso, he went for a great walk in the nearby wooded park with his handler, Susan.  He came back off the prong collar, walking calmly by her side with his flat collar.  I fed him and got ready for work.  I let everyone out in the backyard who I would let out; some smalls and frails stay in the house when I work.  I walked out the door.  Hoss leaped the fence and danced! toward the car.  "Hoss, I am not taking you for a walk."  He got in anyway.  Sigh.  So, he was in the back of the car watching traffic as I drove to work - and there he stayed.  I was able to get out about 0200 to walk him but he didn't pee or poop.  I next got to the car about 0930 after work.  This time, we quickly walked (but still not pulling like he used to - thank you, Susan!) to the open grass, where he found a cement block against which to pee....and pee.  He ended up looking like a red crouching tiger - low to the ground, the better to empty that very full bladder, I surmise.  He peed for not quite a full minute.  We then went home so he could cut loose before breakfast and my sleep.  What a very entertaining dog!

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Angus said...

Seems that Wilf widdles for France, Hoss for America . Either way both are extremely satisfied.