Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Night Away

I am away from home for one night.  I haven't been away for more than a year.  A good and trusted friend is feeding the dogs in the evening (well, past) and in the morning.  I want to be home but I also know it is good for me to be away on occasion - really away.  Some dogs are boarded for the weekend so my friend is not over whelmed.  Even then, I forgot to tell her about how to feed three of the dogs!  Oy, vey.  I type out sheets of information including photos.  I worry about Allie Mae, who is so dependent on her person.  I have always been home - may be at work but always coming home.  This time will be different - but not for long.  It feels nice and weird.  Hug your dogs for me tonight - I surely will when I am back tomorrow :). 

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