Monday, April 18, 2011

Sacking Out & Moving On

"Sleep fairy"

While I was at church this evening, it rained.  I then went for coffee and to read the paper.  It rained some more.  Hoss, in the car - where else? - was very vocal - he put on quite the show for two other dog lovers after church; I walked him out but he was fine.  Finally napped while I was reading.  Got home - everyone so glad to see me.  I said hellos, made sure all was well and then, the sleep fairy hit - the entire first floor of my house is covered in snoring dogs.  Cyrano is behind my chair, Seymour in my lap (his head bobs as I type but he stays asleep).  Three dogs are on the geriatric bed.  Even Hoss is sleeping on a couch.  And the puppies?  They were ecstatic to see me and then, out like lights. 

Twinkle Toes
If anyone knows someone going to Kansas City this week, I could use help transporting a Beagle puppy.  Yep, Twinkle Toes has a family in CO.  Now, I just need to get him there after getting his health certificate.   He is a wonderful little dog.  I will miss his anticipating my entry into my recliner! 

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Safe Harbor @ Silverwalk is a small division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Inc. in Jackson, MO, a licensed, 501c3 tax exempt sanctuary mostly for cats with some dogs and now Silverwalk. Silverwalk is in Cape Girardeau County, MO, specializing in Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs.


Kristine said...

Congratulations to Twinkle Toes and his new family! What a cutie he is.

I hope you enjoyed your rest.