Friday, April 22, 2011


I should have my computer shut down since it is storming outside but...nah.  I do have Sheila Sheltie on my lap.  She has thunderphobia.  Betty Boop is at my feet - she bays at the thunder, then stays very close as is Cyrano.

Cane - senior gentleman  RIP
I sent Cane to heaven yesterday.  He was
no longer able to move without pain, his frequent bark had developed a sharpness to it in the last couple weeks and he was laying around way more than normal.  What a grand dog for the year he was here.  He could be very protective.  I never worried about someone coming in the house or yard with Cane here!   We are all a bit stunned by his absence.   Hoss is staying in the house, Justus keeps wandering around looking and I miss hearing Cane's "huzzah!, huzzah! make way for my lady!" anytime I moved.   So why save an old dog who only lived a year here?  Good question -
  • He was a strong, vital senior dog for most of his stay.  Neither he nor his family were ready to do what was not yet necessary a year ago. 
  • Cane, from a standstill, jumped over Jedi, a big walker coonhound, only because Jed was in Cane's way from point A to point B.  
  • His family and owner, with whom he had lived for his entire 11 years, were appreciative and grateful at his finding a rescue; his owner was able to move into the nursing home in peace, knowing his loyal dog was safe. 
  • I won't discriminate re: age.  I can't have very small puppies because of the hours I work; I can have puppies like Look Jane and See Sally who are older (about 4 months now).  I am able to manage the pack so the seniors are comfortable.
  • Senior dogs and senior people have a lot to offer us.  Adopted senior dogs are very grateful and are accustomed to home life (depending, of course).  Their years may or may not be shorter than that puppy's but you will learn and earn a lot of love in those years.  They can also be opinionated - just listen some day to Betty Boop when the thunder starts rolling - she gives right back!
  • Part of my personal and Silverwalk's mission is for the seniors.  A good friend has a mission for special needs.  YESH.

Twinkle Toes on his overnight
I am also celebrating the start of a new family's life today.   Yes, Twinkle Toes will be in Kansas City in the morning to go to his new family in CO next week.  I have a photo from the woman keeping him over night - TT already made himself at home on her bed!  What a cuddle bug.   Putting together a transport is nerve wracking.  The wonderful people who volunteered and drove plus others who volunteered are awesome.  If you ever want to help a shelter or rescue who transports pets to new owners or rescues, please do so.  It is wonderful experience,; I have met dog breeds I don't know I would have otherwise and the other drivers are a hoot!

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Safe Harbor @ Silverwalk is a small division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Inc. in Jackson, MO, a licensed, 501c3 tax exempt sanctuary mostly for cats with some dogs and now Silverwalk. Silverwalk is in Cape Girardeau County, MO, specializing in Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs.


Susan said...

Twinkle Toes is headed our way and I have 3 boys that are counting down the days! They can't wait to have him be part of our family. This cute picture only adds to their excitement! Thanks to you and everyone else for their work in getting him to Colorado safely for us! He will be very loved!!

shane rocket said...

sad... but sending hugs ur way