Friday, May 13, 2011

Adopting and Adaptation

There are always new dogs needing help.  I have had multiple calls/emails this week re: several Beagles and Coonhounds.  I have no strict criteria for who to bring in.  Mostly, it depends on room and the pack.  I am becoming quite cognizant of pack behavior, needs and just how much stress they can handle.  I need to carefully bring in dogs who will support the balance of the pack, not add strain.  It is a fine line, a tight-rope because I cannot really tell till the dog is here and interacting.

It is likely the same when you adopt.  You make plans, you anticipate what you need for your new pet and then, they turn things upside down by not liking that lovely soft quilted bed you have for them, etc. etc.  All pets need boundaries but we need to listen to the boundaries they are telling us as well.  My older dogs mostly sleep on the hard floor.  Cane drove me nuts this way.  Only in his last month did he start to be sure to sleep on something soft.  Cyrano does sleep in his crate on a very nice pad.  I think, though, for him it is more a safety issue keeping him away from the pack whom he doesn't see well rather than a soft bed.

I encourage you to do your research, prepare well, talk to your local professionals,  pet proof your house and be ready to be flexible, to go with the flow - because your life is going to change to the good!  What, you need a dog??  Well, here is my email - we need to talk: