Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cyrano, senior Beagle

Cyrano, adoptable senior house trained Beagle
Cyrano came to me from a rescue friend near St. Louis.  Both he and Stella were in a very poor situation necessitating their removal and rescue.  This friend, Debi of Rainbow Ranch/Recycling Rover, does so much for many of us in rescue, I could not and would not say no to these dogs - plus, they were senior Beagles! 

I call Cyrano my "moth eaten carpetbag" of a Beagle due to the hot spots and hair loss he has.  With better food and supplements, he is improving.  Cyrano is not noisy unless the water bowl is empty or Shiloh shows up.  Shiloh has a habit of sleeping in Cyrano's crate - "Mon Dieu!"  I then hear this foghorn of a bay, very directed, very specific.  Too funny - for me :).

Cyrano is partially blind.  He is my best house trained dog bar none!  This senior blind dog finds the stairs, goes down, if the door is closed I hear the foghorn, then out the dog door to do his business.  During the day, Cyrano will show up at my leg or next to my chair, wanting to be petted and loved on.  On nice days, it can be hard to get him back in the house: he is just out sniffing around, doing fine.  Here is something really cool - though his sight is impaired, his nose is not; when I have gone out to fetch him, I will call, I then see his nose go up and sniff around for where I am, then come straight to me, happily wagging his tail!

Cyrano - look at that face
Cyrano will make a wonderful, quiet (keep the water bowl full) family companion.  When he first was here, he was easily upset by the pack around him.  Lately, I have noticed this seems to no longer be a problem :).  You go, Cyrano!