Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog Play

My computer and desk sit next to a window which looks out on my front "lawn."  It is really a dirt, hole filled dog park, the front area of the acre which extends to the back of the house.  There is plenty of grass in the acre, just not in front.  I did leave some true lawn for visitors so they could enter without being mauled by the hounds.  Their ears sometimes take enough of a drubbing as it is.

One reason I like this placement is I can sit and watch surreptitiously as the dogs play.  I listen, too, for that too sharp bark or squeal signaling someone is getting too rough.  Mostly, though, they play well together, small and large.  They dance around the front two dog houses, using them as hiding spots from which to spring at an unsuspecting friend.  Margie goes beneath the lawn swing when she needs a break.  Justus can't quite get to her there, giving her a breather.  Farrah whirls and dips with Monk, Justus and Dock.  Cyrano keeps to himself, finding Cyrano sniffing things to do.  Lady Bug has a ball in her mouth at almost any given time.  Seymour, the earth dog dachshund, has made many holes along the fence.  I need fill dirt and chicken wire :).

The following photos are about a year old or so.  They are of Margie, the Mutt Puppy and Toffee, a foster Bloodhound.  I am impressed at how often larger, taller dogs "get down" to the levels of smaller dogs to play. 


royalcoonhounds said...

I always like to see Daisy playing with a little dog.

One of my favorites was her playing with this less than 10 pound Italian Greyhound once. She just seemed to get the dog's size and play ability. And had no less fun than wrestling a dog her size.