Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Lining

 There are stars out tonight.  The air is crisp with a forecast of frost for the morning.  I sat outside this afternoon in the dry sunshine and again this evening under the stars with no rain.  The Corps of Engineers are making a controlled breach in a levee at Birds Point.  This is south of us above Cairo, IL (pronounced Cá-ro with a long A).  The Mississippi is joined there by the Ohio River, both swollen with rain and Cairo threatened with complete flooding.  The initial breach dramatically dropped the level of water at Silverwalk and my neighbors but flooded farmland in MO vs homes and businesses in IL.  As a friend observed, it was a Solomon type of decision. 

See Sally - I love this photo of her winking
This friend, S., came to foster one dog and take Shiloh to another friend to foster while we are in Waterland.  I sent See Sally with S. and Shiloh to D., whose family had already taken him through training and earning his Canine Good Citizenship title.  It seems strange to "only" have 15 dogs at home since the Coonhounds are still at Busch's Kennel till Sunday.  We are expecting thunderstorms Saturday and I don't trust the mighty Mississippi which I can see just over the hill where I walked Justus the other day.   With the limited though improving exercise space, having dogs fostered and kenneled is definitely relieving the tension felt by those still here.

I find it wearying to daily adjust to a new normal and not be able to have a routine for a couple weeks (or more).  The constant change helps me realize how much I appreciate my "regular" life and gives me a chance to see how I can improve the use of my time with the dogs.   The changes are tough on the dogs, though.  At least today we had more land on which to play and gambol!

I am also overwhelmed and thankful for the support and some donations received for mending what has been broken - fence, basement, major appliances....People really do pull together when the chips are down.   Let's enjoy the sun, heck, let's even enjoy the frost in the morning!  At least, for moment, it is not rain.


Angus said...

Thought of you when the breech in the levees made it onto the news over here . Word verification today is 'rested ' which is exactkly what I hope you are !