Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tail of Two Dogs


I am very sad.  Monk escaped his foster yard Sunday night or early Monday morning.  He has no chip and his foster mom found his collar.  I truly fear for him due to his shy, timid, feral nature.  We both have been looking and calling for him, have him on Facebook at Roberta R. Beach - please, post him to your Facebook pages; who knows who will see him.  I did FindToto.com as well as soon as I knew.  Even if he had a chip, he will be hard to catch.  Please keep him in your prayers.

I went to our local Humane Society  yesterday to let them know about Monk and put up his poster.  Dang it - they had a senior Beagle whose hold was up.  After talking to R., Herman Miller came home with me to Silverwalk.  What a little gem with the most gorgeous long ears, awesome rabbit nose and wonderful sad eyes.   Herman has just made himself right at home, sleeping and eating in his crate, playing and sniffing in the field.  He was one of those dogs who walked in like he had been here all along.   Yep, jumped right up on my lap this morning for a snuggle :).

Herman Miller, Beagle looking for a home!


Kristine said...

That's so frightening, I hope you find Monk soon. He looks like such a cute little guy!

Do you ever go to the shelter without taking home a dog? ;-)

I'm just teasing. I am very pleased for you and Herman Miller. I could use a lap dog right about now.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Monk has twice in two days been sighted in the same area! New posters ready to distribute this afternoon with his foster mom.

And that little Herman got out this morning with Shiloh as I was taking Sadie to prison (Puppies on Parole program)! Both Shiloh and his new Mini-Me, Herman, were in the front yard when I got home - thank God! and yes, it is rare for me to leave any shelter without a dog which is why I went into rescue - LOL.

You and Shiva are so awesome and so busy, I can imagine a lap dog would be a breather :).