Saturday, May 7, 2011


We had a thunderstorm this morning.  After two nights of work, I had gone to my favorite coffee and bakery for breakfast.  I was offered half and half for my hot chocolate and gladly accepted.   When I work, I don't eat as well so am quite hungry by the time the stretch is done.  The staff here know me and really want to make people happy.  Mmmm....the rich smell of hot chocolate with half and half - decadent.  The T-storm came while I was napping in one of their window chairs.  I am not a good example for caffeine.  In the morning, removed from the needed concentration of patient care, my body relaxes big time.  I have fallen asleep in a small office meeting with my boss under this circumstance!   By the time I mustered the energy to drive home, the sun was peaking out and has been ever since.

These may truly be wolves, not coyotes
The very spoiled dogs at Silverwalk are always glad for me to be home  - at least then, they have the choice of being inside or outside.  Night shifts,  I leave the smaller dogs in the house (the tweenie Dachshunds, the Border Terrier/Beagle mix, Sheila Sheltie and a couple oldies).  We have neighborhood coyotes and very active great horn owls.  I don't think they could carry off one of my littles but I don't want to find out.   The "outside" dogs normally have the run of the back yard and now, with the gate completely broken up, the entire yards and field.  They also have very good, comfy dog houses and the breezeway itself so they are not "left out in the cold" as sometimes they try to make me think - HA.  YESH - the field is back, no longer a lake though it still has some low watery spots.  

The Marina is also gone, replaced with our road, muddy, still impassable at the very southern end.  I thought today, since all is OK relatively speaking, the tough part of this flood starts now with the clean-up.  It comes home to me every time I pass the steps to the basement.  Yep, fishy smell, even from seep water plus some of the dog bedding which is soaked as well as the appliances. 

Small things -
  • when I stopped at the bank on the way home yesterday morning, a mockingbird was singing on a wire.  I took time to stop, listen and marvel at his repertoire.   
  • That evening, I left the house with enough time to drive the flood route - without needing to anymore...for now :).   
  • I showed a visitor how to get to a different part of the hospital.  He looked at me, asked if I knew my priest, to which I answered, "yes," then said, "he got his dog from you."  Jedi - the gorgeous, very puppyish Walker Coonhound.  I again said "yes."  The young man says "I love that dog!"  My heart wanted to burst as I replied "isn't he great?" to which there was immediate agreement.  Wow.   
  • Justus
  • As I napped (yes, again) after getting home, my ever growing hound/dobie/GSP mix, Justus, pulled the front half of his body up on me for a cuddle and nap.  He no longer climbs all the way up unlike Hoss; he leaves his hind feet on the floor.  So funny and such a wonderful dog.  I so hope I can do well by him in the long run.  
Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the small things - which one treasures all the more when they are denied or delayed for a time.  


Kristine said...

That can be so scary. I am so glad it wasn't more serious in your area and you and all your dogs are safe.

I love the little story about Jedi. He looks like such a fun guy. Spread the word, rescues rock! :-)