Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekend

The mice are active again.  I think by now they are part of the house with their own city within the walls and the duct system.  I put one outside alive last night and then accidentally killed a second.  OK, I know I should be killing them but they are cute and very, very resourceful.  I respect resourcefulness.  If anyone has a good idea for ridding a house of mice, please let me know.  The dogs are doing their best - LOL but....  Their visible resurgence has energized my cleaning and un-cluttering efforts.  I have heard them for quite a while....sigh.  Any ideas?  I will get some bait tomorrow - maybe a wheelbarrow or so.  HA.

Stella - good with children and cats
Silverwalk had a great experience at Petco both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Per normal, as I was thinking of wrapping up, a woman stopped by looking for an OLDER dog to be a companion to her current older dog.  She also has cats who have been at home for a long time and they come first.  She had a great attitude - she was not willing to compromise the pack she already had but did want to add an appropriate dog.  WELL, I had Stella, an older dog, with me.  Stella lived up to her name - a star.  She can be shy and dodgy at home but at Petco,  she walked out into groups of children, looking for and enjoying petting of any sort.  I just stared at her - she was so comfortable - I was happily amazed!  After we left, we headed for Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.  Stella continued to surprise as she walked among the free roam cats without batting an eye or baring a tooth; she even went through the cat door to the outside roam area, then came back on her own.  Stella has officially been "cat-scanned" and passed with flying colors :).   Good girl!.

Queenie - very adoptable, lap dog
Sunday, I was back with Queenie, the petite Beagle who tried out for "Petco greeter of the year."  She went up to everyone, standing up, quietly demanding pets and getting them from almost everyone who came in  - quite irresistible.   Lots of good conversation which makes these adoption events so sweet.  I had a new video running on my laptop which people enjoyed - it is 16 minutes long so I won't share it here - I can see you wiping your brows in relief now :).   And it happened again!  A young man stopped by, new to the area, looking for a largish, OLDER dog to live an indoor life with multiple walks during the day.  I was ecstatic!  Two days, two people specifically asking for older dogs without encouragement from me - wowza! 

Both dogs interacted very well with everyone each day, good discussions, sharing - and then, staff trying to help me find the keys I thought I had put in my pocket but which ended up on the floor, turned into a cashier.  Whew.  Happy to meet everyone we did, thanks again to Janis, Rollin and Jennifer for helping to set us up and find my keys, and to all who expressed interest in or petted both Stella and Queenie - they loved their time out.