Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Home Soon

The Silverwalk dogs in the Charleston prison Boothealers Puppies on Parole program are almost ready to move.  I have adoption applications for at least two of SW's three.  I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!  I went down once to see how they were doing - goodness:  Hoss is speaking on command and consistently working well off leash; Sadie, with less time than others, has flowered due to the consistent one on one attention and Todd?  Well, he climbed into the lap of the program trainer - my shy guy!

Sadie & Hoss
I contacted Hoss and Sadie's family, letting them know adoption options were available.  They are unable to take them back due to their home situation but are happy to know they will go to good homes.   We have a green light as I had told them I would check with them before sending their Coonies on - and now is the time.   BTW,  because Silverwalk is part of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, the SW dogs are all listed under Safe Harbor on the Puppies for Parole site - they are toward the bottom of the page - take a look!

Masterpieces - Margie and Hickory Dock (still needs a home)

I want you to know what a great program this is for dogs and men, and what wonderful house pets Coonhounds can be.  I ask you to check out not only Hickory Dock but also Coonhound   Hounds are not just for hunting - in fact, the hounds at Silverwalk have failed hunting which is why they are here - or they are aged and were no longer wanted :(.

Thank you all for the hard work you have done to train these dogs.  A trainer colleague estimated the training cost "on the outside" at about $500!  We are really blessed - and so will be the next dogs, trainers and adopters.


royalcoonhounds said...

Yay for Hoss and Sadie!

I wonder if I could get a prisoner to train my two? ;-)

You know, you are the second person in the last 24 hours to post the website. I feel like there is a coonie community out there I am missing. LOL