Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Margie!

 Margie about 10 weeks old

 Checking out the front yard

Alert at rest on my lap

In 15 minutes by my clock, on June 21, it is Margie's 2nd birthday - yes, another one she was not supposed to have.  You see, Margie was found in a closed dumpster behind a St. Louis area Wal-Mart almost two years ago.  She protested her undeserved lot loudly enough an employee heard her, looked all over and then opened the dumpster.  There was my Margie, named after her rescuer, Margie, who, sad to say, passed on from a heart attack two months later :(. 

Little Margie was about 8-9 weeks old when someone put her in that dumpster.  It was "all" they did but it could have been enough.  Her human Margie was a volunteer for my good friend Debi, who contacted me about Margie.  I was supposed to adopt her out to another home.   Margie learned to sit within a day or two, house-trained easily and is whip-smart.  After one month, I said she was home - and she is.

Happy Birthday, Margie!  Thank you so much for brightening my life. 


Casper Bear said...

Have a Very Happy 2nd Birthday Margie!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear

royalcoonhounds said...

Happy Birthday!! You sure were a cute pup!