Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hickory Dock, Couch Hound

Hickory Dock so impressed his ACO in IL that he kept him way overtime as his rescue coordinator sought sanctuary for him.  One fell through, Silverwalk was contacted again and I am so glad - this is a wonderful ol' hound who loves to wander the yard, then park on the couch.  Dock comes running to me for loving and petting when I call, knows to go to his crate at meal time and is pretty house trained when the door is open :).

Hickory Dock, adoptable senior Treeing Walker Coonhound

Hickory Dock is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, though I have yet to see him tree anything.  He will bay at visitors, support the pack in their endeavors, play with Justus and the smalls and is just a well rounded good old boy.

Taking his ease in his favorite spot

When first he came, he was pretty thin.  No longer - I am starting to back off on his meals a bit.  While he is active within the pack, he is not that active on his own, making himself an excellent house dog.   If you are interested in a good ol' dog for your home and yard, who won't be on your heels all the time but show delight and happiness when you call him,  consider Hickory Dock!  He is AWESOME.

As you have noticed, I am featuring the senior dogs here at Silverwalk.  Like all of us as we age, they are as deserving of a home and hearth as any younger dog.   Many have outlived their owners, some are strays, all are wonderful.   Please carefully consider senior dogs when you think of adding to your household - remember, when you adopt one, you save two: the one you adopted and the one who can now take his place.   Seniors may not give you the years at your side you anticipate with a younger dog but the years and time they are with you will be priceless - to you and to them.  Thank you!