Friday, June 24, 2011

Homeward Bound!

No, it is not the Fourth of July but five, 5, FIVE dogs have been adopted or confirmed to be adopted from Silverwalk this week.  This is incredible for my very small sanctuary, even being a small division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. 

Two dogs, if you've been following, Hoss and Sadie, were adopted through their participation in the Charleston Puppies on Parole Prison program.  In addition, one of my all time favorite dogs, Todd, Silverwalk's third dog at Charleston, now has an adoption application pending reference checks.  WOW.


Thanks to a young friend's enthusiasm for lovely, petite Queenie, she now has a home in IL with humans, fish, cats, chickens, and goats - oh, my.  This high school student shared the photo he took of Queenie with his family.  His grandmother said, oh, she is perfect.  At last report, she was turning out to be just that - a queen, indeed. 

Queenie curled up with Dino, adopted earlier this year

I have several inquiries on Hickory Dock, and then one about Lady Bug.  This family had lost their long time companion Beagle and were ready for another Beagle in their home.  When they came out today, G. looked at little Taffy.  I saw her take a quick breath as she asked me about "the little one."  We talked about her.  Taffy is very like their small Beagle now entertaining God.  They took both Lady Bug and Taffy for a walk.  They could not take one - they adopted both!  Potato chips - you can't have just one!  I know you are having a wonderful time in your new home tonight, Taffy and Lady Bug.  

Lady Bug
My heartfelt gratitude to God for bringing these people and dogs together.  One thing I am learning is the people who adopt my dogs want the best for them just as I want the best for them.  For me, this means stretching outside my comfortable box.    Three of these dogs were originally from the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.  My humble thanks for trusting me with them.  Two came from a family in such distress, they had to find a new place for their beloved Coonhounds.  I pray and am certain we have done you and them proud.  One came from a friend near Springfield, MO when it was obvious no one was going to adopt her - thank you, Ruth.   Godspeed to all.


Angus said...

Great news. Well done on finding 5 happy homes !