Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Darling Clementine

Those of you who know the song don't fret - this Clementine doesn't live in a mine, so far she has nothing to do with ducklings but she is "light like a fairy," loving and very, very sweet.   She has lost her home through no fault of her own - she is now at Silverwalk thanks to my friends at HSSEMO - we are all thrilled she will have a chance for a new home.

Clementine, Basset/Beagle extraordinaire
I picked up Clementine yesterday afternoon after sternly telling myself I could only bring home ONE dog to Silverwalk because there were two others I had seen online who interested me and several others in my walk-through.  As soon as I came through the door, "Go look at Clementine!"  WOW.  The hard decision was indeed only walking away with one dog, but what a dog.  Clementine is up to date on shots, rabies, spayed, uses the dog door, has put Justus in his place when he got too close for comfort (good girl - he needs to learn boundaries),  jumped up on my lap when I motioned for her (but not before), found a soft spot to rest, ate her evening meal out of a crate and did not bother Shiloh, Monk nor Allie Mae who also eat "on the outside."  Clementine watches me to go outside to do her business.  I am shocked no one adopted her at HSSEMO and will be even more shocked if it takes her long to find a home from Silverwalk.  Her information says she is good with children and I believe it.  I am sending her information to an adoption inquiry who is looking for a female Beagle. 

Clementine, "leader" of the pack - another song!
Clementine has obviously been loved to be such a loving dog.  She is in good weight - just right.  Her fur is soft, her ears are clear - "Rave On!"  I crated the existing pack before putting her in the yard.  I then ate and let her "be."  She was looking for someone.  As I watched her, I thought of the family who surely is missing her.  I carefully let dogs out, smalls first, then Dock 'cause he was having a conniption being crated with no access to his couch.  I need to put a couch in his crate!  Darling Clementine was a bit overwhelmed even though I was careful with the introductions and numbers but she did very well handling it all.  She followed us finally as I went with my "ducklings" into the house - and noted she used the dog door - YESH.

Clementine in shadow and sun

And if Darling Clementine wasn't enough for one day, I found a very cool new book at the library called The Art of iPhoneography.  The professional photographer author, Stephanie Roberts, shows and tells how to best use your iPhone and apps to make those photos sparkle, shine and be down right awesome.   Today was a perfect day - even with bright sun, the shadows were crisp enough to add just the right depth.  I took a lot of photos this afternoon!  Icing on the cake - when searching for a link to Ms. Roberts's book, I found a whole blog on iPhoneography - who knew?   I have a lot to learn but with the subjects I have?  Piece of cake :).


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, you are such a dear. And rescued dogs are just the best!!