Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Update - it's Saturday Night!

Wishing I had that ticker tape news sound for y'all:
  • Miss Stella is much better!  She is doing the stairs just fine; praying it "sticks."
  • Little Sweet Taffy is coughing a lot and hard.   I am wondering if it is a combination of the heat and the fans - she is so tiny without much reserve.

    Farrah (foreground) and Lady Bug
  • Farrah was supposed to go to Petco Adoption this afternoon.  Instead, she slipped her collar and is off with Shiloh.  If both don't come back, I will see my friends at HSSEMO tomorrow afternoon.   I think she had it with leaving home as she went to class on Tuesday, to vet on Friday, and then I was going to take her to Petco.  Enough!  
  • I went to the Adoption event by myself.  Janis asked if I was up for adoption; I said yes, I didn't eat much but was otherwise expensive. 
  • Found two lawn benches at ACE Hardware for a better price than what I was looking at elsewhere.  They will replace the two love seats which reek from pee, are constant chew toys and also can house mice.  Yes, I am putting lawn furniture in the house - it is metal (no chew), I can protect the innards of the cushions with plastic making them much more washable and can clean/wash better underneath where dog floor cushions can also go.  
  • Speaking of, ACE again came to the rescue with mouse bait, some of which I have already distributed in dog inaccessible areas.  Take that, you varmints!
  • Missed the Furry 5K - dang.  Had a nice sleep-in, though :). 

Late breaking - Both Shiloh and Farrah are now home - both wet, Shiloh stinky.  YESH. 


royalcoonhounds said...

Yay!! So glad they came back!!