Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Up

There was a lot of Silverwalk at dog class tonight.  Farrah was there with Susan who had handled Hoss; I brought Justus, and See Sally! came with her new mom from Kennett.  We had a very good time; Farrah needs the exposure to other dogs and people; she very much likes being at home, yet made her most improvement walking with the SEMO volunteers.  Now she has a chance for more exposure again and hopefully, a new home.

Sweet Taffy, adult Beagle
Taffy and Herman
Silverwalk has a new arrival - Sweet Taffy.  Taffy is not as old as she looks.   She arrived at HSSEMO full of ticks (which R. treated before I picked her up), an abandoned dog who had had puppies in her lifetime.  She has old head, ear and eye wounds which may or may not be the reason she is so tiny.  How tiny?  Sweet Taffy is 11#!  She weighs less than Danny Quinn or Seymour, my tweenie Dachshunds.  She is the size of Margie and approx. 5-6 years old.  What is very good about Taffy is she seems comfortable in her own skin - she seeks out petting (so easy to do!), gets herself in and out of the dog door, showed some splendid hackles when everyone was trying to sniff her on arrival but not one growl, has made herself at home in the pack hanging out mostly with Herman Miller.   What is very sad, though she tested negative for heartworms at HSSEMO, when Dr. Monica put her blood under the scope "just to look see," it was swarming with baby heartworms plus positive for erlichea.   This sweet Beagle is in for a long haul.  She is on antibiotics to start along with liver pills to boost her immune system.  We plan the newer recommended dosing for her treatment as we fear she may not tolerate it well - we will watch her very carefully.  In the meantime,  she is eating everything she can and demanding more - yep, she be a Beagle.

Miss Stella Beagle
Now, I ask your prayers, please.  Miss Stella, a senior Beagle who came to Silverwalk with Cyrano, is having difficulty going up and down stairs using her front legs.  This is a very sudden onset as just on Monday (yesterday!), I had thought she may be a candidate for the Charleston Boothealers dog training program.  Tonight, I need to carry her in and out of the house to do her business.  My heart is very heavy.   Please pray for Stella - that we find out what is wrong, that she not be in pain and I make the right decisions by her. 

To top it all off, as I was typing here earlier, a very cheeky mouse poked her head out from behind my computer!  AAUGH.  Seymour, Margie and yes, even Miss Stella, attempted to track her down but to no avail.  I so need that bait and/or I need to borrow a mouser from Safe Harbor for a day, keep the dogs outside and let her rip.  Oh, the mouse-anity!


Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

We are sending good thoughts for Taffy and Miss Stella.

Muzzle and Minnie-Moo

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Thank you. Miss Stella passed a rigorous vet exam. She is doing better today and I hope she is able to keep it up.
LOVE the new pic of Minnie - what a face :).