Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red Dogs

There was a time when almost all the dogs here were tri-color Beagles with a yellow Lab and my black & tan hound mix, Penney, RIP.  Not so much anymore.  I currently am running a special on red dogs.  You have met Darling Clementine, I hope.  Here are Phoebe Clearly and Leon Redbone, in order.

Phoebe "I've been in a two dog household; this isn't Kansas anymore."

Phoebe Clearly - I can do this; I can find a new family!

Leon Redbone putting the charm on skeptical Justus

Leon trying to play with senior, almost blind Cyrano, who acquitted himself quite well. 

The other Leon Redbone....for whom Leon is named. 


royalcoonhounds said...

two lovely redbones!!