Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dog Food Found

I was being very efficient the other evening.  I had specifically bought two 40# bags of dog food and did not leave them in the car.  My car, you see, has a car mouse.  I thought for a time he died as I did not see any new reminders of his presence.  Then, a couple weeks ago, I left bags of dog food in the back overnight.  Indeed, a hole was found the next day when I removed them.  Rats! or rather, Mouse!

I recalled that this particular evening and pulled the dog food bags out of the car straightaway - one into the metal "garbage" can and one onto the front porch from where I could snatch it into the house after the dogs had been put up into kennels for the evening meal.  I also, finally, brought in two large dog beds which had been donated.  The mouse did not bother them but the dogs who rode for various reasons enjoyed them; however, it was time to bring them inside.

After all were settled and ready to eat, I went out for the dog food bag.  Nothing.  I looked all 'round, knowing I had brought it up onto the porch.  I walked to the car, checking it and my memory again.  On my way back, I saw that humongous bag of dog food on the front lawn!  SOMEONE had pulled it off the porch to try to snag it all for himself (by the name of Shiloh, I am quite sure).   HA.  At least, everyone else got to eat and Shiloh?  He was out and about, not coming in till way past dinnertime - poor boy,  LOL.

Shiloh - Alleged Dog Food Thief

P. S. Please check the page "Fostering Farrah."  I added an entry today, then saw her at dog class.  Can you tell I am beaming?


  1. OK, that is really funny!!

    As much as a food hound as Daisy is, she never tries to get into the dog food. I find it odd, but certainly don't complain.

  2. I once fostered a Chihuahua mix. His name was Taco and his mission was Feng Shui. He would haul large dog beds all over the house, setting them up in more "flowing" areas. He was amazing and hilarious.