Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dog Talk - Part 1

Today, I let the dogs talk:

Hickory Dock
Hickory Dock, adoptable Walker Coonhound: "My favorite time of the day is when I eat and sleep; I like to play with my friends in the yard, keeping house and home safe from pesky invaders like squirrels and cars driving by.  Mom (I know you are doing this) has decreased my meal portions as I am a tad fluffy; but I'm a senior dog who was lost and deserves to eat as much as I like.  Yep, that argument goes over like a lead balloon."

Reagan at rest
Reagan, adoptable Walker Coonhound mix (red and white): "I want to play and play and play.  I don't care for the good food here; I want soft canned food and hot dogs.  Mom bent to my will {only as I ease him into a good diet} - HAHA.  I went to dog class on Tuesday; it was fun cause I got hot dogs!  Yes, I sat and walked on my leash, learning to 'watch' when my name is said; all so silly when there were lots of dogs with whom I could PLAY."

Cyrano, adoptable senior Beagle: "I finally got out in the world; what a blast.  What does is it matter if I am "legally blind" when I have a Beagle nose?  We went to Busch Pet Products for a bath - only after I smelled my way around the entire store - and met two Border Collies; they were very nice.  The bath was OK - was nice to feel clean - I came home with my own handsome collar and some supplement for my skin.  I like going out and about!"

A focused Molly T.

Molly T. Beagle, adult adoptable Beagle: "Wow, I saw the BAGS of tennis balls in Mom's car; they were donated through Petco to our local shelters - and to ME, the tennis ball QUEEN of the world. Mom and I play soccer; I am a great goalie because I stay focused on the ball.   Mom sent a bag to the Bootheelers dog training program in Charleston (I don't know why she just didn't keep them all for ME!").

More to come :).   Hounds can be so eloquent!


  1. Aw! Poor Hickory! putting the poor senior guy on a diet isn't fun!!

  2. Oh, I knew you would take his side - LOL!