Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good Dog

As with children, the good dogs miss out being featured - there is no training expounded upon to help correct a behavior, no food or interaction with dogs or people to be addressed and shared.  Good dogs weren't always good dogs - but Seymour is.

Please - I think all dogs are good with rare exceptions but GOOD dogs are different in their own quiet ways.

Seymour - about 1 year old soon after arrival
Seymour is my long haired tweenie Dachshund.  He is black and tan OR boar colored; I am not good about Dachshund color terms.  "Tweenie" is an acceptable Doxie term for those 'hunds too large to be miniatures, yet too small to be standards. They can't be shown but make great pets.

I adopted Seymour along with Sheila Sheltie from Flawdogs in Morse Mills, MO.  My plan had been for Sheila; Seymour was the "two for one" special.  He had been to two homes. Both times, he defended the mom against the dad ferociously.  He did not show this behavior toward men who visited the shelter; it only surfaced after his adoptions :(. The second couple did not want to return him but chose to do so because he was so miserable.  So, Seymour had to have a female human only home - moi!  He has always been a very handsome dog with the soft, flowing fur of the long hair Dachshund -

Seymour to the left with Annie and Muggle
unless he has been in the mud.  You see, Seymour BELIEVES in the deep Dachshund creed of the EarthDog.  He earnestly digs holes, yipping at unseen, unknown gremlins in the ground.  He is so dedicated to this pursuit I have pulled him out of a hole in the rain lest he drown.  A friend, Courtney, was here one day when Seymour came in from the rain mud-caked: he was slick with mud from his nose to his tail.  We laughed and washed him up, knowing he would not long stay clean.

Knowing who he is in part makes Seymour a good dog. Seymour has chosen and found his place as my shadow, my fore-runner.  He knows when I head to the bathroom, trotting ahead of me but not venturing inside (yes, my own small dog-free space); he knows mealtime, heading to his crate w/o encouragement.  Were someone to follow us over one day, watching Seymour watch me would be an education in how intensely dogs read us humans.   Seymour is not afraid of large dogs; he barked off both Leon and now Reagan, large puppies, putting them in their place which is not bothering him nor hassling him to play.

Seymour on my lap - his most favorite place
Seymour is like my late dog Penney.  Quietly, observantly, he adapts himself to my life pattern; adjusts to the dogs who come and go, keeps the dirt gremlins at bay with Margie the Mutt Puppy and generally, makes sure I smile and laugh on a daily basis.  Seymour is a GOOD dog.

Justus (L) and Seymour (R) - GOOD dogs


  1. Seems to me Seymour isn't good , he's great !

  2. Well spoken, Angus! Thank you for writing the truth about this small but mighty dog.