Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nose Work? Surely, You mean Play!

Blind Katie Bloodhound with the epitome of all noses!


If you click on the link above, you will hear a podcast about one of the newest canine sports, Nosework.  We are naturals here at Silverwalk.  I consistently appalled a rescue/trainer friend of mine by NOT expecting my hounds to remain at my hip in the heel position as we walked.  From my point of view, the walks were FOR the dogs, who are HOUNDS with most of their brains in their noses - let them use it!  To be fair, I do expect and work on considerate leash behavior from my dogs; while I let them use their noses, I do NOT let them pull me to Kingdom Come and back again.  Some try - occasionally they succeed - and we both learn a better way for all of us to be happy. 

Nosework - if you listen to the podcast - is great for all dogs, indoors and out, shy or gregarious.  Listen, enjoy.  I am looking forward to trying it.  Phoebe, in training at Charleston, can air scent 76'.  I think I mentioned this but am still in awe.  I wonder what other hidden gems of talent lurk in these hounds?  Oh, yes, of course - the "retriever" Molly T. Beagle, for one :).  

Stay cool.  Check the pavement with your hands before asking your dogs to put their pads on it - it truly is blistering today. 

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