Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puppies have it Tough

First, housekeeping: Fostering Farrah, in the menu above, is now a separate blog chronicling Farrah's adventures as a foster dog - as well as those of her foster mom, Susan.  Please check in on them once in a while - Farrah needs a loving home with a dog or two.  Thanks to my friend at Blogger Sentral for making available the code with which to link to a non-static page. 

Silverwalk welcomed Reagen (R) from Bollinger County Stray Project.  Reagan went straight to La Croix Pet Hospital for a once over, then overnight for his neuter, coming home yesterday.  He is about 11 months old, hound mix (likely Coonhound, though won't be very large), has a good bay and is now neutered, being treated for worms (yech!), an erlichea + test (which doesn't always indicate active disease but an exposure), is heart-worm NEGATIVE, up to date on shots including rabies and bordetella, oh, and he is GORGEOUS!  This photo was taken by Marilyn Olson Neville, director of BCSP:

Reagan, young Coonhound mix with nice bay
Poor Reagan does not understand the need for crating while I am eating nor for living in the pen at night when I am trying to sleep.  He previously was not a house dog so has a lot to learn.  He's respectful of his elders, backing off when they object to his puppy nosiness.  He shouldn't be a puppy for long - his best guess age is 11 months old.  He is ready for a new home!  I am always careful when introducing a new dog; well, Reagan fit right in, walking around with everyone else, not minding being sniffed and snorfed by multiple curious hounds - a great communicator as was his namesake :).  He has yet to find a playmate but one may be coming - a black female hound from IL about the same age.  Oh, can I manage?  You bet!  The Joy! is worth the work and angst.  

For you with new puppies, note how I am keeping Reagan contained when I cannot attend to him.  For puppy's sake and yours, it is best to safely contain puppies unless you are directly working with or supervising them.   In this way, you are able to prevent bad habits (counter-surfing, house soiling, cell phone chewing, etc.) from getting started.  You do yourselves and your puppy a great service.  Remember, most dogs live at the two year old stage of a human, especially puppies!

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