Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is Happening Now?

Lots, right here in River City - at least at Silverwalk and environs!

Farrah - gazing

  • Farrah, she of the long time residency with shyness being addressed at weekly dog class, will be in a foster home tomorrow evening!  Susan, handler extraordinaire, took Hoss to class to prep him for the Puppies on Parole program (as you recall, he has been adopted: he is so loved by his new family).  She now takes Farrah.  Farrah looks forward to Susan coming, watches her carefully, gets half-way to the car and says, "Uh, no, thank you."  We carry her the rest of the way.  She is no longer throwing up with every ride.  Thank you, Susan!  Susan's stated goal: get Farrah out in public to help overcome her shyness and find her a home.
  • Leon Redbone is adopted and waiting for the roof and construction debris to be done and cleared, in that order, before joining younger Claire with their new family.  In the meantime, he cont. to show his food devotion by patiently laying on the floor as I prepare the food bowls, then sprinting for his crate, where he again waits for me to give him his meal.  Good dog!  Leon to the right ->
  • Newbie Molly T. Beagle is a tennis ball fiend.  She only relinquishes her tennis ball when she is sleeping or eating.  Otherwise, I hear "thump, thumpa, thumpa, thumpa" as the ball bounces from her mouth to the floor in her persistent, fervent hope it will be kicked, thrown or tossed.  I like she has no fear of my feet (she is so focused she reacts like a hockey or soccer goalie - that ball doesn't go far unless thrown); when tossed, she catches it mid-air and even behind her back.  Frisbee, anyone?  
  • I heard marvelous "tails" about the current dogs in the Bootheelers' Puppies on Parole program at Charleston.  Stella Beagle is "Queen of the Universe."  She rules (benignly, of course) and all obey.  Phoebe, the Redbone Coonhound mix, can air scent 76'; you read that right, 76' - they measured it.  Next up - ground nose work.  How do you spell "SR?"  Someone will want that nose!  Windsor, the blind/deaf dog from Safe Harbor, knows the perimeter of the exercise area, can find his way back to his cell, sits to a touch on his butt, downs to a touch behind his ear....and they have only been there two weeks!  I don't accurately recall how the others are doing but all are doing super well.  Rock on!
Molly T. Beagle - the "T" is for tennis ball

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  1. Wow! everyone sounds...busy!!

    Leon is just so handsome. I'm still lovin' him!!