Monday, December 19, 2011

The Beagle Lady

I finally got my hair cut on Thursday, after which I wandered the mall awhile window-shopping and picking up a card for my hairdresser. On my way back to the salon, I stopped to look at some well done wood carvings. As I was chatting with the sales person, a very attractive young woman touched my arm (I mention her looks because the only attractive thing about me at the time was my hair). She said to me, "Aren't you the Beagle Lady? I saw a TV segment about you." "Yes," I smiled, "I am." "Thank you so much. I have a Beagle.  I cried watching it. Thank you for what you do." Can you hear my heart skip and my feet get lighter? That TV segment is 3 years old yet still remembered. Thank you for caring for your Beagle and taking the time to give encouragement to me and all rescuers.

Then, THEN, Friday, doing errands, I check my phone and see a message from Scrappy; a rather cryptic message. She (yes, Scrappy is a she!) passed forward this lovely award given to her by Dachshund Nola. Oh, my.

There are rules to follow, which I am only to happy to do so. Scrappy shared this with five blogs (per the rules). I read them all and am so honored.  I need to share 10 things which no one knows about me. I am taking "me" to mean me as Roberta and me as Silverwalk Hounds.  Here goes:

1) My first love is the HORSE! Luke Skywalker (Thoroughbred) and Silver Dancer (Paint) are the reasons I have this small acreage.

2) "Silverwalk" comes from the names of my horses - Luke SkyWALKer and SILVER Dancer - Silverwalk.

3) Before moving to MO, I lived in MN, SD and MT. Believe me, this is the South (at least to this Yankee).

4) I like autocross; my favorite car is a Triumph Spitfire.

5) My mom made adopt Olive, a Beagle mix.  The horses and cats weren't enough; I needed a DOG.

6) I had a lot of cancer and surgeries; I use a stomach tube to eat everything, even water.

7) After Oliver,  I just kept adopting dogs till I decided I needed to do something MORE - like find them homes of their own, ergo Silverwalk Hounds aka Silverwalk Beagle & Hound Sanctuary, Inc.!

8) My youngest sister Nancy in Fairfax County, VA, runs the Shiloh Project - she works with at risk children and dogs together. She is so awesome. She also leads a band "Katz and the Stray Dogs."

9) I like science fiction, submarine boat stories and almost anything else...BOOKS rock.

10) When I am home, all 20 dogs sleep in the house - you may have guessed that from the photo a few entries back :).

The next expectation is to pass this award forward to 5 other blogs - there are so many I enjoy! but here goes:
I read and enjoy a diverse number of blogs, mostly dog but some relating to simple living, keeping life beautiful and God centered among them. Thank you again, Scrappy - I am so enjoying your Christmas wishes. 

Now, join the Saturday Blog hop! (I started this entry on Friday, so...)


  1. Congratulations on winning the award. I love learning new things about bloggers. And I've been curious for a while about what inspired "Silverwalk."

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

  2. OK, I did laugh at loud at MO being the "south" Of course, the furthest north I've ever lived is Atlanta. LOL

  3. Congrats!

    Love learning more about you!

    Like where the Name came from:)


  4. Congratulations on your award & thank you so much for passing it on! We are blown away by so many things we learned about you! We are SUPER DUPER impressed that you have 20 dogs at your home!! How in the world do you do it? Really! Some days we feel overwhelmed with our few & can't imagine how YOU do it.Obviously we can learn a lot from you. And then, your sister works with dogs & at risk children? Amazing! We love that Silverwalk is named after your horses :) We will definitely be checking out the other blogs.