Monday, December 5, 2011

Dog Rescue and Transport

Transporting tiny puppies takes a warm vehicle, stops for momma and ensuring all get to their destination safely. They did! but

....the tiniest one, the one a girl named Tinkerbell, died...try as her foster mom did in a very short time, this wee one, who had spent two weeks in a cold, damp shelter before being transported, left our world to join God. We are all sad but we know we did the best we could....Godspeed, Tinkerbell.

Tink's siblings and momma Lana are doing well in WI.  Some wanted pictures - here they are:

Lana, above and puppies!
The puppies were kept in the same crate the entire trip; their bedding was changed as needed and momma Lana had access to them in every vehicle.  We liberally used hand sanitizer and washed momma's feet after she did her business to keep these wee ones safe.

Claire on her multi-night stay during transport
I consider it a wonderful privilege to participate in dog transports - moving dogs at risk from one area of the country (U.S.) to another. The longest a dog traveled (in which I was involved) was from TX to WI; she is a Bloodhound named Claire. Claire was adopted by a woman in WI. I was going to WI so Claire was transported to me staying a week (she CEMENTED my love for Bloodhounds) before I took her with me on a prior planned trip to WI where mom met us.

I told Claire's mom I had a hard time giving her up! She charmed everyone at the rest stops along I-57 in IL and played with Margie here at Silverwalk.

Margie and Claire
 If you can't take in another dog or have one at this time, transporting is a great way, for a few hours on the weekend, to get a good dog fix, meet other dog lovers and varying breeds. There are groups in Yahoo! Groups for dog transport; on Facebook, there is Alabaman Crossposter with a map where people can put their name and town so transport coordinators (those talented and persistent souls who pull together routes, rules and drivers) can find drivers for their areas. If you are at a loss where to look, contact me and I'll point you to someone who needs you.  There is a wonderful group called Pilots for Paws; these are pilots who want to fly and help dogs in need! Way cool - so, if you know any pilots...

But be careful out there: I once read how a woman was stopped by police in a Southern state like GA, I don't know why; when asked what she was doing, she said "transporting." OMG - SWAT, helicopters and more police cars till she was able to demonstrate and convince the officers she was legitimately transporting dogs, not drugs.  LOL - I believe it was true!


  1. Such a great service you provide. Sorry to hear about the wee one.

  2. Transporting is one of the most important parts of rescue! That is just wonderful!!

  3. You're doing such a great job transporting all the Doggies - sorry to hear about Tinkerbell :( - Thanks for sharing the pup pics! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. So sorry to hear about little Tinkerbell...

    Keep up the good work!

    Waggy Tail

  5. Awww sorry to hear of the loss of little Tinkerbell. Glad everyone else is doing well. They are beautiful. Claire is a beauty too:)

  6. Thank you for this post - a lot of people think they can't help because they can't foster a dog or don't have money to donate but there are always other needs and the only investment is often time.

    Transporting is so important to get animals out of the high kill shelters to safety - thank you for what you do. I'm sorry about little Tinkerbell, those puppies are so very young - and adorable. And now, thanks to you and the rest of the rescuers, they're safe, too.