Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kennel Up!

Lady Bird resting in her crate - loved this dog who now has her own home and cancer :(

Annie Beagle keeping watch on top of the breezeway crates; note the reinforced windows;
they prevent anyone from breaking glass (no one ever hurt)

The dogs are fed. I am having lunch. The dogs are building character - so parents tell children when they need them to do something good for them which they find distasteful: like remaining in a crate for more than an hour.

Yep, the dogs are spoiled but if they are to be good adopted dogs, they need to stay comfortably in crates at least for 4 hours and preferably overnight. It is tough on me, though. I used to do this all the time when I worked 8 hour nights - everyone became accustomed.  With the 12 hours, not so easy (though Walter will stay in his crate for hours as long as he is in the house!).  Now, in the afternoons, I expect most everyone to remain in their crates for at least an hour or more. My ears sometimes take a beating but thinking long term, I want to comfortably say, "Yes, go shopping and do errands; she will be fine in the crate."

No one tries to tear apart their crate or even break out (OK, Walter has, does, but not in the crate he uses for meals - so far). I see no separation anxiety but that of learning a new task when they don't want change! Sound familiar? The ones I do let out for now are Molly T. (am willing to bend for her mental/physiological health; doing good) and Hickory Dock so he won't pee in his crate or his neighbor's. He then pees in the breezeway in front of his crate - even when the weather is nice outside. Take a hint, Dock!


  1. Yes, it can be tough training dogs to a crate. But most times it for the goo of everybody.

  2. We are sorry to hear that Lady Bird has cancer. It is a nasty thing. We ourselves have lost several to cancer :(

    For us crating has been one of the worst things about fostering. Until we started fostering, we had never even had a crate & we had definitely never put a dog in one. I would rather do almost anything then to listen to a dog crying to get out. In the end it helps them find homes, but oh getting them to enjoy their time in one........

  3. To be clear, the dogs are spoiled because I don't use the crates often enough. I do have crates open in the house and breezeway as well as dog houses outside. I frequently find one or two dogs cuddled in a crate with a good pad, napping away from the madding crowd :). So, they do use them but when I expect them to, it's a different ball game; like 2 year olds :).

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