Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ready for Christmas

Justus and his finery being checked out by Mami de Gund and Molly T. 

I had quite the dog day today:
  1. Clementine to Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary on her way to prison - the dog training program; she was quiet on her way to her cell. She will be excellent. 
  2. Seymour PH and Sheila to the groomer (and not often enough). I had a rebellion when my planned exit fell apart; three dogs got out - placed two back in the house, snagged Margie on the road; she missed breakfast but had a great bath at the groomers!
  3. Took Justus and Herman Miller to vet; Justus needed updating on his vaccinations with a microchip. Herman needed a heart-worm check - which he failed :(. Will plan to re-treat him in January. 
  4. Justus, on the other hand, was a card; I told Dr. Ann about his response to a squeaker - she found a toy and smack! his butt hit the floor right in front of her when he heard it. We had a good time. 
  5. While at the vet's, the groomer called so I picked up the three oh! so good smelling and soft dogs, added them to Justus and Herman and drove home - where we are now relaxing, listening to Chanukah and Christmas music. 
I'm tired but in a very good way! Doesn't sound like much...Walter put himself into a Beagle crate (twice) - I need to nominate him to that Chinese circus with the contortionists. 

The dogs have toys, I have new pajamas, the weather is holding (just) but no snow; we missed that Plains snowstorm. I've been in a few of those - not fun at the time but later, a blast!

Two feet of snow

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