Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop

I have a road trip in the morning - early morning. I'm meeting a rescue transporting a momma white GSD and her 2 week old puppies. Oh, my - they don't even have their eyes open yet; they are going from Memphis, TN to White German Shepherd Rescue in WI all in one day. We have "orders" to be sure our vehicles are very, very clean, to use sanitizer and paw wipes for mom 'cause these babies are too young to have had any shots or immunity. My car doesn't know what hit it this evening. It is supposed to rain so I hope it is gentle without thunder and lightening both for driving and my thunderphobes at home.

Molly T. is out of her Buster Collar (she "busted" out of it; it was on her, then she came in yesterday without it) and her Thundershirt. She did well without the Collar (which I have yet to find), she's been "neked" all day long today with some spinning and I am decreasing her Xanax dosage very slowly. I throw the ball for her at least a couple times a day just to help her focus her attention on anything else but her tail, which looks good; time for the stitches to come out.

As a last endeavor this evening, I cut Monk's nails. He does very well though I hear him nervously swallowing. Most of his nails are black; I'm careful to not quick him. He is unsure about taking treats from my hand - he will occasionally but this evening, I would put one on a paw, he would eat it, then I could give him one from my fingers. He is coming along - thank you for your help, Mami de Gund!


  1. well sounds like the car got quite a detail!

    i hope you will post some photos of those precious lil ones!

    thanks for the updates!

  2. Hope all went well with the transport;glad Molly T. is improving & I am always nervous cutting black nails too. Of course most dogs we get have black nails :)